Creating Scholastic Esport Leagues

Electronic Gaming Federation
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North America
Unique Value Proposition, Blue Ocean Strategy, ROI, Innovative-Growth
Distributed by the Global Jesuit Case Series
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Driving every decision at the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) is the fact that the collegiate esports market is very underdeveloped. As EGF races to build the market upon which they stand, they run into the issue that their consumers, the administrators making purchasing decisions around membership to EGF’s leagues, may not have any understanding of esports, nor do they seem to have an awareness of its presence and force amongst students on campus. Speaking to the value esports can bring to a university requires tangible evidence of student interest, but time is of the essence as the market continues to grow. What can EGF do to facilitate larger engagement for a better appeal to administrators in order to establish a formal program with EGF’s help?

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