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The Case of the Wayward College Dean: An Examination of Alleged Fraud

Kathy S. Pollock, Janet C. Papiernik
January 1, 2016
North America
Strategy & General Management, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior
3 pages
non-profits, Fraud, fraud triangle, embezzlement, abouse of power, Corruption
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This descriptive critical incident describes the events and resulting tragic consequences of Dr. Cecilia Chang’s extensive, alleged fraud that extended over a 30-year period while serving as a college dean at St. John’s University. In a for-profit company, employee embezzlement typically averages a loss of approximately $130,000 over an 18-month period (ACFE Fraud Survey, 2014). In a non-profit organization, however, the trust extended to employees may put the organization at even greater risk, potentially allowing higher amounts of lost dollars and a longer period of time for the fraud to be detected. Although no one will ever know the full amount actually stolen or misused by Chang, the courts awarded approximately $2 million in restitution. After her death, the case was settled for $1.2 million collected from the estate.