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A Bully Gone Wild

Mark A. Johnson
May 1, 2015
North America
Strategy & General Management, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior
8 pages
human resource selection, orientation and training, Performance Management, employee discipline, employee discharge, workplace violance
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Cheryl Vaughn was hired to manage a fabric store, which had operated without a manager for three months. A group of four assistant managers had operated the store during this period. One of them, Terri, in particular, had hoped to have been promoted to the position of manager. Cheryl was a talented seamstress and had worked in a number of fabric stores but never had served as a supervisor or manager. Terri was often rude and used her large body and snappy attitude to intimidate Cheryl. A few months into her managing the store, Cheryl learned that Terri was trying to undermine her authority. Cheryl wasted no time and fired Terri. Terri threw things at Cheryl, yelled and cursed throughout the ordeal, and tore down and tossed store displays. Cheryl, her employees, and her customers watched in disbelief as Terri continued her tirade. Cheryl wondered what she could have done differently and what would she do now to deal with the situation.