Bringing Awareness to Wolf Trap Philanthropy

Wolf Trap
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North America
Philanthropy, Consumer Engagement, Transmedia Storytelling, Customer Conversion
Distributed by the Global Jesuit Case Series
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Although Wolf Trap is one of the most popular venues in the nation by ticket sales, statistics show that most of their concert-goers do not know about Wolf Trap's larger philanthropic and educational missions. Consequently, they are struggling to convert regular ticket-buyers to be donors and members of the Wolf Trap Foundation, even after promoting this message on flyers and signage around the grounds. Wolf Trap knows that once individuals become a member, they enjoy the benefits that come with membership. They just need to identify how to encourage transactional customers to play a larger role in Wolf Trap's educational mission as donors and members. Furthermore, they need your help understanding the catalyst that makes ticket-buyers decide to donate for the first time.

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