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American Eagle and the Denim Hijab

Karen A. Berger, Ankita Singh
December 31, 2018
North America
Marketing & Sales
3 pages
market opportunity, Positioning, market potential, market strategy, strategic management
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American Eagle (AE) decided to test the waters and offer a denim hijab made with soft denim fabric in an indigo wash on its website in July 2017. The product description encouraged customers to “Wear it your way. Make it as original as you are.” Two weeks later it was completely sold out. While journalists from many online platforms were effusive in their remarks about how AE had made an important gesture, not everyone was thrilled with this effort. Some customers commented online that the hijab was not American, and that they would think twice about buying AE again. Others were not that measured or kind in their remarks. What should AE Management do next? Should they continue to offer this item and others like it? Or should they back off completely?